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Keeping Small Livestock


Keeping up with kittens is not a difficult task if you know the right maintenance methods. You must provide the cat supplies before bringing it to your home. And when you bring it home you need to know how to treat it properly. You need to know what your kitten needs to provide them until it becomes a happy and healthy cat in the future. This article will show you these methods:

  1. Provide these necessary equipment:

    If you want to keep your kitten properly, you need to provide it’s special equipment:

    • Food and water dish: These containers must be heavy enough so that the cat cannot break them
    • Cat food with good quality.
    • Cat soil and soil container: Buy a good soil container so the cat can move around easily.
    • Cat bed: Consider a suitable size so that the cat can sleep in it when it grows up.
    • Scratcher: It is better to buy “Catnip” drop, so that the cat is interested in scratcher.
    • Special shampoo and brush: If the cat’s hair is long, brush it every day and if it have short hair, brush it at least once in a week.
    • Special toys: The cat needs play and activity, and buying toys is a good way to drain his energy.
    • Veterinarian visit: When buying or taking care of a cat, show it to a veterinarian.
  2. Teach the kitten how to use a soil container: The cat may have trained to use the soil container or it may instinctively use it. If the cat does not know how to use the soil container, keep the soil container close to it and encourage it whenever it is using the container. Most cats quickly learn to how use the soil container.
  3. Provide special food for the kitten: One of the most important things in keeping a cat is that the cat must eat its own special food. Prepare kitten-specific foods for your kitten because these foods contain more beneficial ingredients and help the kitten grow. It is recommended to use high quality foods.
  4. Take it to the vet and do not forget about vaccinations: If you want to have a healthy cat and care about your health, it is best to bring your cat to the vet every month to be examined and receive it’s vaccines and anti-parasites. If you do not know if the cat is vaccinated, vaccinate it anyway. Cats need to be vaccinated at the age of 1, 2, and 2 weeks  and then at 6 months, after which the cats must be vaccinated annually.
  5. Play and be active with your cat: Kittens need a lot of activity, play and activity improve their physical and mental health. Outdoor cats are always on the hunt and they have a lot of activity, but pets need your attention,so spend some time playing with your cat.

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